Can You Use Garlic For High Blood Pressure?

If you believe in supplementing your hypertensive medications with herbs or vitamins garlic may just be the best choice for you as it is very common in every household and is affordable. Herbalists and healers the world over have proclaimed the effectiveness of garlic for high blood pressure and several other ailments. Some research studies have also supported this. This is good news as garlic can be easily taken as a seasoning or spice, in most food recipes.

The dangers of high blood pressure are on the rise due to the present lifestyle and food taken in by most people. What is frightening though is the fact that one out of every three American adults has hypertension and majority of them are not aware of their condition. A person can have high blood pressure for years without symptoms until such time as he experiences serious high blood pressure symptoms like dizziness and frequent headaches.

If you have a family history of high blood pressure then you should check your blood pressure regularly. If you get confused about your blood pressure reading, take note that the upper number is known as the systolic pressure while the lower number is known as the diastolic pressure. If your blood pressure is way above 120/80 then seek medical care.

But even before being faced with this scenario it is best to take foods to lower blood pressure to prevent your blood pressure from being an issue. One way to do that is to regularly take in garlic. This herb is internationally famous not only for its sumptuous flavor but also for its wide use as a household remedy to lower the level of cholesterol and for its healing power against flu, colds, and other illnesses.

Garlic has been used as an herbal medicine and the list of illnesses that it can help cure is extensive. Some people take in fresh garlic for high blood pressure while others mix garlic with a variety of dishes. Others who cannot bear the smell of garlic but who believe in its healing powers take garlic as a supplement.

One way to enjoy garlic is to bake it and then eat is just like you would eat peanuts. If you love pasta you can also increase the number of garlic cloves you will use for sautéing. Baked garlic chicken is a very good recipe which requires plenty of garlic inside and outside the chicken. You can serve this for the whole family so that even children who do not eat raw garlic regularly can enjoy the healing powers of this special herb.

So what is in garlic that makes it a powerful herbal medication? Among its chemical contents are germanium and selenium. Selenium is said to be responsible for garlic’s ability to lower blood pressure. The various compounds in garlic including allicin, allithiamine and allin are also said to be responsible for its healing powers.

A number studies have been made on the effectiveness of garlic for high blood pressure and several other diseases in the United States, India and Germany - and most have yielded positive results. However, there is as yet no official stand or conclusion from the medial profession as to the healing powers of this plant.

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