The Real Truth About High Blood Pressure Drugs

The real truth about high blood pressure has often been replaced by certain myths that make the condition worse for some people. Among these myths includes the belief that high blood pressure is an inevitable consequence of aging and that the only way to address this condition is through high blood pressure drugs.

While using high blood pressure drugs is the best way to lower blood pressure immediately, you should never rely on them for the management of your high blood pressure signs. There are other ways to lower blood pressure including but not limited to:

  • Lowering blood pressure through exercise
  • Lowering blood pressure through herbs
  • Lowering blood pressure through vitamins
  • Lowering blood pressure through supplements

If you want to lessen the dangers of high blood pressure then you have to find ways to lead a healthy life. Balanced diet and a proper exercise regimen can do more in preventing high blood pressure signs than taking in synthetic medicines.

However, if your blood pressure is shooting up so high that it is already dangerous for your wellbeing then doctors will definitely prescribe some of these high blood pressure drugs:

1. Antihypertensives-these are drugs aimed at lowering blood pressure directly.
2. Beta Blockers-drugs aimed at reducing the blood output as well as the heart rate.
3. Diuretics-these are drugs aimed at removing the excess or extra sodium and fluids in the body.
4. Sympathetic nerve inhibitors-These are also antihypertensive drugs but are aimed at restricting sympathetic nerves from contracting the blood vessels thereby reducing rise in blood pressure.
5. Vasodilators-these are drugs aimed at dilating and relaxing the arterioles or the blood vessel walls.

Most people who have high blood pressure have to take maintenance or regular medications to lower their blood pressure levels. Most high blood pressure drugs take effect within an hour after taking them and the effects can work the whole day through until the next intake of maintenance drugs.

The effects of these medications also depend on when the drugs were taken. Some are better taken upon waking up in the morning while others are more effective when taken in at bedtime. It is thus imperative that you closely coordinate with your doctor to maximize the effects f the high blood pressure drugs you are taking.

Some people who have high blood pressure rue the fact that they need to take regular medications. However, those who religiously take in their high blood pressure drugs and lead healthy lifestyles can achieve normal blood pressure levels after a while. The secret to being free from the threats of heart attack and other high blood pressure-related diseases lies in the proper management of this very manageable disease.

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