How To Lower Blood Pressure With A 7 Step System

Lower blood pressure can be achieved in many ways as proven by health experts. One excellent strategy is getting into the DASH diet or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This approach is believed to take effect in just a few weeks with its antioxidant effects which lower LDL cholesterol levels. This diet includes important nutrients and fiber along with foods having potassium, calcium, and magnesium. It replaces some carbohydrates with more protein (from plant sources) or monounsaturated fats which may help further reduce heart disease risk factors.

Second tip is by restricting salt in one’s diet. Salt and high blood pressure do not go together as the former can aggravate the condition. It should be noted that a person with a normal blood pressure is allowed to consume not more than 2,400 milligrams of sodium per day, thus, a person having problem with blood pressure must consume less. Eliminating table and cooking salt is highly advised by experts to people with high blood pressure. Though sodium is important for the body, however, experts agree that the reduction and replacement of sodium with potassium foods is helpful in gaining health balance. People who should be more aware in eliminating salt in their diet are those people at risk of salt-sensitivity, those overweight, and people using hypertensive drugs.

Third, one must follow a potassium-rich diet because potassium supplements are believed to lower systolic blood pressure by 1.8 m Hg and diastolic blood pressure by 1 mm Hg. Also, it can reduce the risk of stroke by 22 to 40 percent. One must take in lots of fruits and vegetables rich in potassium such as bananas, oranges, pears, tomatoes, beans, nuts, and potatoes. However, people with diabetes and kidney problem must avoid too much intake of it since it could cause muscle weakness and abdominal distress.

Fourth, one must learn to quit smoking and lessen alcohol intake. Men with hypertension are advised to take not more than one or two drinks a day. Coffee drinking is also believed to cause harm as it has been associated with small increases in blood pressure.

Fifth, another effective way to lower high blood pressure is through weight loss especially for people who are overweight. Losing weight especially in the abdominal area is proven effective in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure. The benefits of this are proven to be long-lasting. There is no better way to remain healthy than by constantly monitoring your weight and getting into the desired weight range. Weight is an indicator of body health especially in the case of hypertensive people.

Sixth, people with hypertension must develop good sleeping habits. Poor sleepers must consider long-acting blood pressure medications to help counteract the increase of blood pressure which usually occurs in the morning. Insufficient sleep may raise blood pressure in patients and can even result to graver heart problems and death.

Lastly, improving your mood and avoiding stress is also believed to be helpful in lowering blood pressure especially if you follow a program that uses cognitive-behavioral therapy. Another suggested tip is the simple relaxation technique called transcendental meditation (TM), which involves silent repetition of a single sound which is associated with lower blood pressure.

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