Surefire Ways To Prevent High Blood Pressure

The incidence of high blood pressure or hypertension is on the rise. This is probably because of the present life style of most people in the twenty first century. Due to the present life style, almost everyone is at risk of having high blood pressure. But although the possibility has gone higher, it does not mean that it is not preventable. Making a choice now can help prevent the possibility of becoming a high blood pressure patient in the future. Here are some tips on how to prevent high blood pressure.

Some people who have high blood pressure are more at risk than others. There are some risk factors that cannot be changed. For instance, hereditary factors may put you at higher risk. Having relatives with high blood pressure puts you at the same risk group.

High blood pressure statistics show that race is also a factor as black people are more prone to the disease than white people. Gender also plays a big role in determining risk factor. Men seem to be at a higher risk at earlier ages than women. If you think you belong to the high risk factor groups, you may have more reasons to find ways on how to prevent high blood pressure.

Questions on how to prevent high blood pressure can be difficult to answer if you do not have a guide so here goes:

1. Watch your weight. Find out what the ideal weight is for your height and age and stick to it. The in cholesterol levels is one of the dangers of high blood pressure. Cholesterol causes plaque, which builds up and may eventually block the arteries that cause high blood pressure.

2. Exercise regularly. Exercising promotes good blood circulation. Aside from this, it also helps in maintaining weight and cholesterol at good levels. At the very least, even if you do not go to the gym, try to live an active lifestyle. Opt to walk rather than to take a ride whenever possible. If you need to go up or down one or two floors of a building, choose the stairs rather than taking the elevator. Find hobbies that will keep you active such as gardening and ballroom dancing. This not only keeps your body active but also relaxes your mind, another factor that seems to lower blood pressure naturally.

3. Cut down on the sodium; this means salt. Sodium is also a major factor that increases a personís risk of high blood pressure. As the levels of sodium increases in the body, so does the possibility of having high blood pressure. It would also be advisable to take only moderate amounts of alcohol and caffeine. These are also factors that increase risk of increasing blood pressure. However, some experts say the imbibing of one beer or one glass of wine a day is healthy. More than that is just socializing.

4. Whether you are already at risk of having high blood pressure or not, the key to prevention is having a healthy and well-balanced life style. It has been found out that most people with lower blood pressure are those who eat healthy, have an active life, and have a positive outlook on life. Based on this, you might even consider that the key to prevent high blood pressure may also be the key to an over-all healthy and happy life.

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